Chocolate Gift Boxes

LUV is best shared with the ones you LUV. 

These LUV gift boxes feature assorted LUV chocolates:

  • 6 bar LUV pack: classic 80% cacao 1.8oz bar, 1.5oz orange-infused LUV chocolate bar, 1.5oz mint-infused LUV chocolate bar, `2.5oz Coconuts in LUV bar, 2.5oz Almond You Man! Bar & 2.5oz Cashew Feel the LUV bar
  • 15 filled LUV chocolates, featuring an assortment of our coconut-filled rosettes, coffee coconut cream filled chocolates, chocolate coconut cream filled chocolate , lemon-filled, orange filled, etc. 15pcs ~ 1/2 lb LUV box of chocolates.
  • 2 bar LUV pack: Cashew Feel the LUV & Almond You Man! in a 2-pack.