Vegan No Sugar Blender Mixes

LUV Sugar-Free & No Sugar Added Vegan mixes come in two varieties: sorbets & coconut milk nice creams.

Sorbets are natural fruit flavored. Our Sangria Sorbet has strawberries, lemons, limes & oranges. LUV Knight in Shining Amour is our blackberry sorbet (coming soon).  Other sorbets, inlcuding apple, peach, pina colada are in the works.  

LUV Nice Cream flavors available in blender mixes are coconut, chocolate coconut, lemon coconut, orange coconut chip, coffee coconut, chai coconut, strawberry coconut and for limited time, aronia coconut.

All of these require nothing more than a blender and a freezer. Simply pour a cup of warm water into your blender, add the contents of our blender kit, whip for a couple of minutes, pour into the container provided & place in your freezer to set.   

And enjoy!

Makes slightly less than a pint.