Blender Ice Cream Mixes

All You Need Is LUV

(and a blender)

We have developed an all-natural, sugar-free mix that will allow you to make LUV ice creams and nice creams in your own home.  All you need is a blender.  

The directions are simple: for non-dairy vegan mixes, whip the contents of the LUV mix in a blender with a cup of hot water and blend for two minutes working your way to the highest (whip) blender speed.  Pour into the pint container provided and place in a freezer.  In a couple of hours (depending on your freezer's umph) you are ready for LUV

For dairy mixes, instead of water add dairy.  To start with, we suggest simply using a cup half and half.  As you are ready to repeat, for a richer taste, feel free to use more cream, less milk for richer taste.  For gelato or ice milk, use milk only.