Chocolate Coconut Macaroons

Our to die for sugar-free and soy-free chocolates envelop a LUV'in spoonfull of delectable coconut macaroon. They are 80% cacao and 100% vegan as well. These puppies are available individually as either rosettes or ~ 3"x1" bars. Each bar and each rosette weigh slightly over an ounce (~ 30 grams). They are amazingly delish! Since you can't have just one, we are also packaging them up in a box of four. Several stores in the Twin Cities area already retail them. Here is your chance to try some in your baking. Or, you can just munch on them. Dark, smooth and sinister, they taste divine. And, are GOOD for you!

Because we do not use any preservatives, LUV filled chocolates have limited 1-2 weeks shelf life at room temperature and should be refrigerated if kept for longer periods.  Refrigerated, they keep for several months.  

We are currently evaluating natural and organic anti-oxidants, so please stay tuned for longer keeping LUV :).