FILLED Chocolates

These puppies are amazing! They are filled with your choice of - coconut macaroon - strawberry coconut macaroon - blueberry coconut macaroon - raspberry coconut macaroon - kiwi coconut macaroon - cherry coconut macaroon (coming soon) - cherry/cashew - raspberry/cashew - strawberry/cashew (coming soon) (this is the BEST part): imagine a macaroon inside a dark, sugar-free chocolate. some call them haystacks, but it ain't no needle to worry about the name! they taste amazing. no, really. they do. and they are sugar free (unless you opt for the strawberry macaroon. then there is a tiny bit of residual strawberry fructose which still rounds down to zero in the nutritional content): - coconut macaroon - strawberry coconut macaroon.

Because we do not use any preservatives, LUV filled chocolates have limited 1-2 weeks shelf life at room temperature and should be refrigerated if kept for longer periods.  Refrigerated, they keep for several months.  

We are currently evaluating natural and organic anti-oxidants, so please stay tuned for longer keeping LUV :).